Housing co-ops in Ottawa (Centre)

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You can find additional information on the website of the Co-operative Housing Association of Eastern Ontario


Abiwin Co-operative Inc.   (90 units)   Web site
299 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, ON   K2P 2L3
Phone: 613 233-1927

Alex Laidlaw Housing Co-operative   (36 units)   Web site
797 Somerset Street West, Box 45, Ottawa, ON   K1R 6R3

Alliance Housing Co-operative (ON)   (100 units)
131 Firewood Private, Ottawa, ON   K1T 2B9

Andy Andras Housing Co-operative for Seniors Inc.   (43 units)   Web site
1435 Larose Avenue, Ottawa, ON   K1Z 7X9

L'Auberge Housing Co-operative   (10 units)
103 - 160 George Street, Ottawa, ON   K1N 9M2

Coopérative d'habitation Brébeuf   (52 units)
3, rue Desjardins, unité 20, Ottawa, ON   K1N 9E2

Cardinus Housing Co-operative Inc.   (78 units)
141 Twyford Street, Ottawa, ON   K1V 0W4
Phone: 613 738-0820

Carillon Co-operative Housing Incorporated   (54 units)   Web site
314 - 1601 Prince of Wales Drive, Ottawa, ON   K2C 3P8

Carpenter Housing Co-operative Inc.   (84 units)   Web site
Unit 92, 181 Forestglade, Ottawa, ON   K1G 5Z5

Cartier Square Housing Co-operative Inc.   (67 units)   Web site
456 Cooper Street, Ottawa, ON   K2P 2N1
Phone: 613 236-5186

Catalpa Housing Co-operative   (9 units)   Web site
108 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Ottawa, ON   K2P 1E5
Mailing Address: 108 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Apt 8, Ottawa, ON   K2P 1E5

Résidence coopérative du Centre multiservice francophone de l'Ouest d'Ottawa Inc.   (72 units)
2720 Richmond Road, Ottawa, ON   K2B 6S2
Mailing Address: 12 Nestow Dr., Ottawa, ON   K2G 3X8

Centretown Citizen Housing Co-operative   (32 units)
240 Presland Road, Ottawa, ON   K1K 2B8
Mailing Address: C.P. 2787 Succ D, Ottawa, ON   K1P 5W8

Coady Housing Co-operative   (74 units)   Web site
47 - 3099 Uplands Drive, Ottawa, ON   K1V 9T6

Conservation Co-operative Homes   (84 units)   Web site
140 Mann Avenue, Ottawa, ON   K1N 1E5
Phone: 613 567-7281

Dalhousie Non-Profit Housing Co-operative Inc.   (83 units)
755 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, ON   K1R 6R1

Daly Co-operative Inc.   (85 units)   Web site
100-2410 Southvale Crescent, Ottawa, ON   K1B 5K2
Phone: 613 736-1058

Des Jardins Cooperative d'Appartements Limited   (90 units)
100 Empress Avenue, Ottawa, ON   K1R 7S6
Phone: 613 238-7543

Coopérative d'habitation Desloges   (129 units)   Web site
10 Desloges Privé, bureau 100, Ottawa, ON   K1K 4P3

Dovercourt Housing Co-operative Inc.   (40 units)   Web site
25 Molenaar Private, Ottawa, ON   K1Z 8S4
Phone: 613 722-7940

Elmvale Housing Co-operative Homes Inc.   (37 units)   Web site
101 - 60 Dwellingham Private, Ottawa, ON   K1G 5T1
Phone: 613 739-0953

Fairlea Park Housing Co-operative   (93 units)   Web site
3019 Fairlea Crescent, Ottawa, ON   K1V 0N8

Glebe Non-Profit Housing Co-operative   (4 units)
P.O. Box 4427, Station E, Ottawa, ON   K1S 5B2

Glenn Haddrell Housing Co-op   (85 units)   Web site
209 Provender Avenue, Ottawa, ON   K1K 4N8
Phone: 613 748-6595

Coopérative d'habitation De LaSalle   (84 units)   Web site
4, Michel Riel Private, Ottawa, ON   K1N 9J8

Mario De Giovanni Housing Co-operative   (123 units)
520 St. Laurent Boulevard, Suite 100, Ottawa, ON   K1K 4N1

Coopérative d'habitation Parc Beausoleil   (56 units)
79-10, rue Heney, Ottawa, ON   K1N 5V4

Quarry Co-operative Incorporated   (244 units)
3275 McCarthy Road, Unit 51, Ottawa, ON   K1V 9M8
Phone: 613 523-1890

Sandy Hill Housing Co-operative   (62 units)   Web site
701E King Edward Avenue, Ottawa, ON   K1N 7N9
Phone: 613 234-4554

Sequoia Co-operative Homes Inc.   (59 units)   Web site
101 Twyford Street, Unit 34, Ottawa, ON   K1V 0V4
Phone: 613 738-7435

The Shefford Heritage Housing Co-operative Inc.   (36 units)   Web site
300 Cooper Street, Ottawa, ON   K2P 0G7

Sidney Towers Housing Co-operative Inc.   (41 units)
7 Sidney Street, Office, Ottawa, ON   K1S 3L7
Phone: 613-236-7004

Coopérative d'habitation St. Georges Housing Co-operative   (69 units)   Web site
10 Henderson Street, Ottawa, ON   K1N 7P1
Phone: 613 565-0105

Tannenhof Co-operative Homes Inc.   (74 units)
131 Twyford Street, Ottawa, ON   K1V 0W5
Phone: 613 738-9499

Tompkins Housing Co-operative Incorporated   (81 units)
10 Preston Street, Ottawa, ON   K1R 7W4

Coopérative d'habitation Voisins   (76 units)   Web site
440 Wiggins Private, Ottawa, ON   K1N 1A7

Westboro Housing Co-operative Inc.   (45 units)   Web site
1 - 581 Tweedsmuir Avenue, Ottawa, ON   K1Z 5P1

Wingale Housing Co-operative   (50 units)
515 Wingale Private, Ottawa, ON   K1T 2H3

Yule Manor Co-operative Homes Incorporated   (96 units)   Web site
100 - 10 Claremont Drive, Ottawa, ON   K1K 4J5
Phone: 613 746-2260


Coopérative d'habitation Jeanneville   (33 units)
32-B Jeanneville Privé, Vanier, ON   K1L 8K2
Phone: 613 741-9519

Coopérative d'habitation Laval   (5 units)
132, rue Laval, Vanier, ON   K1L 7Z4